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Roof Replacement

When it comes to homeownership, roof replacement becomes an essential consideration as your home ages. And when the time comes for a new roof, the choice of a top-notch roofing system and a reputable company is paramount. At Texas Premier Contractors, we're your ultimate destination for exceptional roof replacement services.


Our commitment to excellence is evident through our GAF Certified roofing contractor status and our A+ BBB accreditation. When you opt for Texas Premier Contractors, you're not just getting a new roof – you're getting peace of mind for a lifetime. We take pride in delivering the finest roof replacement service in the industry.


If you're a proud homeowner in Houston, we'd be honored to offer you a complimentary estimate and extend our best-in-class service to you. Make the right choice for your home's protection. Reach out to Texas Premier Contractors today.

Backed By The Biggest Names In The Business

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Roof Installation

Choosing a new roof is a significant decision. While a DIY approach might seem budget-friendly, there's much to gain from professional expertise. 


Professional roofing contractors bring experience, tools, and knowledge to ensure efficient and accurate installation. They navigate local regulations, prioritize safety, and provide warranties for added peace of mind. 


Texas Premier Contractors stands out with our GAF Certified Contractor Certification. Our certified team prioritizes safety, advises on materials, and ensures timely completion. We exclusively use top-quality materials, like GAF Shingles, for lasting results.


Trust Texas Premier Contractors for a new roof that combines expertise, efficiency, and excellence. Contact us today to begin your roofing project with confidence.

Understand The Roofing Process

At Texas Premier Contractors, we believe in a seamless roof replacement process. Our approach involves a consultation, tailored removal/installation/repair, and open communication at every step.


Starting with expert removal of old materials and meticulous cleaning, we ensure a solid foundation. We add new plywood, underlayment sheets, and strategic flashing for protection against all elements.


Meticulously applied weatherproofing creates a multi-barrier protection. This careful process guarantees a durable roof for years.


Trust Texas Premier Contractors for a smooth, dependable roof replacement that lasts.


Roof Materials

At Texas Premier Contractors, we are dedicated to delivering excellence in every roof replacement. Our commitment starts with selecting the finest materials, ensuring top-tier results. We present an array of options, including various asphalt shingle types, including designer asphalt. Our palette includes diverse colors and styles, enabling clients to discover their home's ideal aesthetic.


Beyond shingle choices, we offer an array of crucial components, from flashing to underlayment, skylights, and ridge vents. These integral elements complete the puzzle of a successful roof replacement, ensuring your home's protection and beauty for years to come.

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